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 A conversation with Lindsay Adkins and the poem "This Particular Solvent" from my book, High Ground Coward. 

Here's a peek: 

"I've been lucky to live in the dense vertical cities, beneath vast gasping sky, and in in-between places. In all of these geographies I see poems in life being lived: forest fires, laundromats, porn, rivers, zumba, trains, falling in love, chopping wood, taxes, training a horse. These are all of a world in High Ground Coward. I want to exalt the quotidian, even if it doesn’t match canonical images of poetic beauty. The beauty is in there—in the drive thru, in the day job. The canon will change."


FOGLIFTER Journal  |  Volume 3, Issue 1

An interview with the wonderful Lauren R. Korn! We talk Montana, poet-voice, magic, queerness, twins, cover art, road rips, and what I'm reading. Buy the hard copy here


"I think much of this work queers certainty, what we’re sure of and what we can’t know. In these poems 'literal' and 'metaphorical' are two sides of the same coin. These poems try to show that the metaphorical is actual, and that the real thing is enchanted and transcendent."

POEM & Commentary

Poetry Society of America

 The poem "Drive Thru" from my book, High Ground Coward, along with my own brief commentary. 


"I am trying to talk about the opposite of shame. I am trying to talk about the people who pull us out of our shame. I want to thank them. "Drive Thru" is a small way of showing my gratitude."


Up the Staircase Quarterly  |  Issue 41

In conversation with UtSQ! I'm grateful they gave me the space to talk about my elementary school teacher Mrs. Charles, the sensation of being read to, Pat Parker, and feeling like a young queer alien. 


"Queerness isn’t just about partnership or sex. It can be about aliens, about feeling like an alien, and how everything that’s scary about that is also beautiful, also lets us glow."